Blagovest Iordanov - Managing Partner

Blagovest Iordanov


Data and Tech freak.

He has gained his experience from a combination of top agency and client-side businesses and his understanding of expectations from both sides is unrivalled. Integrates and automates whatever you can imagine. Expert with more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and 20+ years of experience in corporate business development.  He has extensive expertise in Data Collection helping many medium and big businesses to collect and understand their data. Focused on providing high-tech solutions for digital marketing in the areas of campaign optimization and automation, measurement and reporting of business results.

Vladimir Dragiev - Managing Partner

Vladimir Dragiev


SEO and Advertising Specialist.

Plays well with big projects, big data and big challenges. He uses digital data at scale, combined with traditional consumer and market behaviour to create a comprehensive view of your business.  Vladimir is a specialist with over 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing.  His focus is on SEO, SEM, Data Collection for large projects. He also has great expertise in Digital Advertising (Search, Display, Youtube) for large projects.  He has behind him a great number of successful projects in various branches in Bulgaria and abroad – media, banks, eCommerce, television, video platforms, B2B, B2C, services, etc.

Hristo Hristov - partner

Hristo Hristov



Hristo Hristov is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in digital media and commerce. His story began In 2005, when he founded digital media company Darik Web which later acquired Netinfo and thus created the biggest digital media company in Bulgaria with 80% internet reach. As CEO of Netinfo, the company grew fivefold by entering into new verticals such as retail, travel and groceries. Nova Broadcasting Group, owned by MTG acquired 70% of Netinfo in 2013 and in 2020 Hristo exited the remaining 30%.
Hristo is also a board member at Endeavor and investor at Eleven and Endeavor Catalyst.

Rositsa Dimitrova - Senior Account Manager

Rositsa Dimitrova


20 years of banking experience, precision to details, customer care and performance marketing. Her communication and project management skills are prerequisite for the success of each undertaking. Any challenge is the perfect opportunity to grow and evolve.

Denitsa Petrova - Digital Marketing Specialist

Denitsa Petrova


Creativity is never in excess, especially when it combines at least three specialties, in which Denitsa has exceeded. One of them is Graphic Design. The other two are her passion for performance marketing and UX. Her skills and knowledge in the marketing sphere have brought success to big companies and clients.

Siana Velkova - Digital Marketing Specialist

Siana Velkova


Her interest in marketing and communications heightened during her Master studies in Nice, France. Having obtained her MA degree, she spent several years working abroad in the corporate field in Belgium before coming back to Bulgaria to pursue her interest in digital marketing and graphic design. Passionate about digital advertising аnd social media.

Kalina Georgieva - Digital Marketing Specialist

Kalina Georgieva


Having graduated from a top 10 university in the UK, Kalina understands the full spectrum of the marketing field. She has worked on several research projects and is passionate about data and data-driven decision-making. Has experience in graphic design, copywriting and is all about details and precision.

Plamen Iordanov

Plamen Iordanov


Dedicated digital marketing specialist with a passion for marketing, data collection and digital innovation. With experience in the main digital channels for marketing and advertising, as well as having experience in big SEO projects spanning various business fields, he leverages data-driven approaches to deliver measurable results.

Teodora Ivanova - SEO Specialist

Teodora Ivanova


The new addition to the SEO team of ID Consult. Teodora is a result-oriented SEO Specialist who is passion about driving sustainable organic growth to websites and landing pages. She is full of creative ideas about improving the websites keyword expansion, content and overall SEO performing.

Hristina Ruseva - SEO Specialist

Hristina Metodieva


A creative SEO specialist who is also passionate about all things digital marketing-related. Has gained the majority of her experience working for small UK- based businesses that grew big. She is an expert in content marketing and link building.