Loyalty program creation and leads generation. How we delivered 70% more leads than planned for the year


Pierre Fabre Cosmetics Bulgaria
Industry: Dermatological products

Case Description

Eau Thermale Avene and Klorane are among the leading Pierre Fabre cosmetic brands, constantly looking to upgrade their digital presence.
Regular communication with the clients is perceived paramount to establishing the brand values. An essential factor in achieving it is building a loyalty program that lets interested clients have a place to meet and communicate with the brand and receive information about the product benefits, special offerings, and promotions.
We’ve faced the challenge of launching the program from scratch, complying with the specific HQ requirements regarding clients’ meta-data.
We started working on the project at the end of Q1, so we also need to speed up the delivery as much as possible to achieve the yearly goals.


  • 30k+ collected leads for less than 1 year
  • Leads segmentation for targeted and personalized mail campaigns
  • High level of GDPR compliance
  • Actionable rich meta-data for clients available

How do we achieve it?

We reviewed the best industry practices locally and internationally and aligned them with the client’s requirements and expectations.
Our strategy proposal was to create a promotional website, and FB lead generation campaigns focused on different brand activities.
To achieve maximum automation of the process, we decided to use Mailchimp as a well-known supported platform for user segmentation and email campaigns.
For the website, we selected another proven and economically efficient platform in WordPress and its plugins.
Using Zapier, we’ve connected Facebook and our website with Mailchimp. In addition, we’ve added multiple client descriptors (so-called “merge tags”) to use for targeted and personalised emails.
We’ve built targeted and personalised mail campaigns using dynamic segmentation based on merge tags and automation rules.
Using the promotional websites, the brand clients can:
– Check the current activities – promotions, raffles, specific offers, etc.
– Complete their profiles with relevant information about their skin types, demographics, and particular needs.
– Add their purchases to upgrade their loyalty status
– Receive personalized information about the products and activities
– Get in touch with partnering dermatologists
– Manage their privacy preferences

How we did it

  • Analyses and strategy for leads generation
  • Loyalty website created
  • Segmentation criteria implemented
  • Processes automation


“The project is perceived as very important for developing our digital strategy in the Bulgarian market. We have high expectations and, honestly, some anxiety as we’ve just selected our new servicing agency, ID Digital Consulting. It turns out to be a total success, overdelivering in every aspect and letting us present the local experience as a case study for Central and Eastern Europe markets.”
Nikola Ivanov, Digital Marketing & E-commerce Manager at Pierre Fabre Group