How ID Digital Consulting brought a 79% increase in transactions for and an 83% increase in revenue – YoY comparison

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Client: Zoo Group Stefanov
Industry: Veterinary-medical e-commerce & retail

Case description

Zoo Group Stefanov is a leading pet store chain in Bulgaria with an 18% market share (as of 2021).

Zoo Group Stefanov have an excellent offline business model and a well-performing e-commerce website. Thus, they had a great opportunity to improve their digital presence and increase their online sales. This is where ID Digital Consulting could help.

At the start of our partnership, we evaluated gaps in the then-current ad performance and possibilities:

  • Lack of proper new customer acquisition strategy
  • High costs for targeting existing customers
  • Poor ad personalisation and relevancy

The project also presented us with the following challenges:

  • Highly competitive industry
  • Large project with a high number of products to cover
  • A tight budget

How we did it?

We approached the project intending to build a sustainable and scalable Google Ads account that would achieve higher performance with time by generating more data.

The steps we took:

  • Analysed a large amount of available data on search queries from Google Search Console
  • Conducted additional keyword research to understand and include missed searches
  • Keyword & budget planning
  • Strategic campaign setup based on audiences and campaign goals
  • Strategic budget allocation
  • We decided to invest the majority of the budget in Search campaigns to make sure that we cover product queries more effectively
  • Created Display Ads with remarketing audiences for optimal use of budget and delivery of personalised ads
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of performance results
  • Optimisation of campaigns
  • Building Looker Studio reports for easier visualisation of objective results.



Increase in return on investment due to optimised use of advertising costs


Additional transactions (+9,328)


Increase in revenue


Additional users in a competitive industry (+134,441)

  • Ongoing campaign optimisations
  • Excellent digital advertising strategy to seize market opportunities
  • Customer acquisition strategy for each stage of the customer journey
  • Reduction of costs for targeting existing customers
  • Personalised advertisement for existing customers
  • Detailed conversion tracking on segment & product level
  • Thorough targeting and ad account structure for personalised ads and maximum coverage of the product categories
  • User-friendly data interpretation and visualisation

*Showing absolute values

(See more about the data we used to make these conclusions at the bottom of the case study.)

  • Overall Google Ads performance comparison
  • 36% higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • 83% increase in revenue
  • Google Search Ads performance comparison
  • 127% increase in users
  • 78% increase in transactions
  • 81% increase in revenue
  • 22% reduction in average CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Google Display Ads performance comparison
  • 20% decreased costs
  • 134% increase in transactions
  • 116% increase in revenue

About the data
For this case study we used data from Google Analytics (UA) using the conservative Last Click Attribution model.
We compared one full year of the work of the previous agency (01/11/2020 – 31/10/2021) with one full year from the start of our work with Zoo Group Stefanov (01/11/2021 – 31/10/2022).
The period we applied for our campaign management includes the learning stages of the new Google Ads account.