Complete GA3 to GA4 migration pack


On June 30, 2023, GA3 stops collecting data.

Transition to GA4 for data collection is required to keep running.


There will be no additional time to adjust – you must migrate to GA4 now to prevent data loss.


How is GA4 different?


GA4 introduces a completely new data collection concept from GA3

GA4 utilizes different events to track eCommerce.

It provides more advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, but requires adjustments to your tracking implementation.


GA3 –> GA4 Migration Package


Our specialized migration package addresses common issues encountered during the transition to GA4.

It is tailored for small and medium-sized online stores seeking guidance on migrating eCommerce data collection to GA4.


Our package offers an evaluation of your existing data collection, suggestions for enhancements, and supplementary resources that can benefit any e-store, regardless of its size.

What you get

Our GA3 to GA4 migration package includes everything you need for a seamless transition, plus Looker Studio reports and expert QA hours.


And now you have our limited time offer.

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Package Content

Detailed technical description

The comprehensive 60+ page document contains a detailed description of all recommended eCommerce events and their corresponding parameters.


During the consultation period, we will work together to evaluate which of these events are appropriate for your business needs.


The information is presented in a user-friendly format, and the document is designed for easy implementation by your developers.

Three-hour personal consultation

The most significant value is the collaboration with your team, which includes:


  • One hour to personalize data collection for your site
  • One hour of QA to verify the dataLayer data implementation
  • One hour for a final data check in GA4.

GA4 Initial Configuration Guide

To effectively use GA4, it is essential to accurately set up your Property.

This document offers a detailed, step-by-step guide with screenshots and comprehensive instructions on how to perform the Property configuration for GA4.


Looker studio templates

Our package includes an essential Looker Studio (former DataStudio) report that displays your primary GA4 dimensions and metrics in a user-friendly manner.


This report is effortless to use and share with your team.


Guide to Creating Useful Reports in GA4 (Explorations)


Our document provides clear instructions, examples, and screenshots on how to create valuable reports for your eCommerce business using GA4 Explorations.


With this guide, you can quickly and easily explore your GA4 data.

Google Tag Manager setup

We will set up your GTM container to collect data from your online store in GA4, based on the technical documentation provided in our package.


On demand, we can perform extra implementations such as:


  • Existing GA3 dataLayer transformation
  • Duplication of GA3 Events
  • Google Ads enhanced conversion tracking
  • FB pixel implementation
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