Advertising effectiveness – how do we measure ROAS against net revenue with the materials at hand?

The long-awaited conference for digital marketing in our country – OA Conf Live Edition took place on March 19. Top lecturers in the industry shared with the online audience specific recommendations, practical advice, statistics, data, examples from real case studies and a bunch of useful tips and information on how to achieve the desired results through various tools and techniques.

Blagovest Yordanov, Managing Partner of ID – Digital Consulting was among the invited speakers and presented useful information on how to measure ROAS against net revenue, using easy to implement technical solutions.

The presentation introduced practical approaches to:

  • Building data pipelines in multiple platforms, using solutions accessible to everyone;
  • Setting up the data using the built-in Google Sheets formulas;
  • Formatting the data as a Data source to allow their submission to the BI platform;
  • Building a report in BI platform and connecting it to the data.

The focus of his practical presentation was to solve the problem of evaluating the net effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The problem arises from the fact that most digital business measurement platforms, including Google Analytics, provide gross sales data. The use of this data does not give an accurate idea of ​​the net effectiveness of the invested advertising budgets, which in turn leads to unsatisfactory distribution of advertising budgets between channels, campaigns, creatives and audiences.

During the presentation, it was demonstrated in real time how data from Google Analytics and Google Ads can be exported to Google sheets, using the free Chrome Add-on. Using another, inexpensive Chrome plug-in, a request was built to retrieve data from Facebook Ads Manager.

Cost data was added for the following items:

  • VAT
  • Cost of goods (COGS)
  • Percentage of returned goods
  • Delivery costs (Fulfillment cost)

The data was then aggregated using mathematical transformations, using formulas from the standard Google Sheets set. Finally, the data was added as a Source in DataStudio, and then – cached for faster reports through the free DataStudio connector – Extract data.

Finally, a Google DataSudio report was demonstrated, which showed the aggregated data by channels and measures.

You can view the presentation here and the worksheet here. The entire video of Blagovest Yordanov’s participation in OAconf 2021 can be viewed here after creating a profile on the platform.

The team of ID – Digital Consulting is a preferred corporate partner in projects in the following areas:

Digital transformation

The company has expertise in the following areas:

  • Creating a plan for digital data architecture and its measurement;
  • Audit of the digital data collection from WEB sites and mobile applications;
  • Consultations on the choice of technology stack;
  • CRM integrations in the company’s digital ecosystem;
  • Automation of processes related to the used technology stack;

Advertising platforms

We have proven experience in:

  • Audit of settings and results in advertising platforms;
  • Creating models for automation of complex campaigns (when working with multiple countries or increased complexity of campaigns)
  • Creating and maintaining architecture for data extraction and analysis from advertising platforms.
  • Data exchange between the used digital tools – CRM and Google Analytics, BI tools and advertising platforms; submission of audiences to advertising platforms;

Building BI reports 

Our experience in significant projects for Bulgarian and international clients in the field of banking and Fintech, courier services, eCommerce and publishing has helped our team gain a significant expertise in the following areas:

  • Constructing a concept for digital BI stack;
  • Building and maintaining of Data pipelines;
  • Mapping and data processing from different platforms;
  • Building and maintaining BI reports on various platforms;

If your organization has ambitious digital goals or you want to increase your knowledge in this fast-growing field, if you do not understand the data from Google Analytics or your digital advertising in detail, we will be happy to discuss your project and how we can be of help to you.