ID Digital Consulting propels KBC Bank Bulgaria to a leading place in the Bulgarian digital landscape


Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

Case Description

KBC Bank Bulgaria is running digital and classic advertising across different platforms and digital agencies to increase the share of the digital business.
This process sped-up in the wake of the Covid-19 situation.
Multiple internal teams and actors are stakeholders and are interested in different performance aspects ranging from conversion attribution to CRO optimization performance through UX/UI changes.
At the beginning of the project (08.2019), we’ve faced various challenges and addressed them aiming:
A better understanding of performance and overall traffic data
Solve multiple metrical problems that were considerably degrading the data quality
Deliver standardized data
Integrate multiple data flows from different sources (e.g., partner agencies, exports from Google Analytics, etc.), with proper scheduling, ETL, and standards
Build internal alignment in business definitions regarding traffic and conversion data
Centralized BI solution for data access in progress
Build a sufficient level of understanding about specifics of the different platforms

How we did it?

We’ve envisioned a strategic approach consisting of multi-step interactions to build a sustainable, scalable, and abstract solution to enhance the bank capabilities significantly.

Our main goal is to enhance the bank’s capabilities to successfully perform a digital transformation process that will increase its results and competitive positioning.

The steps we performed:

  • Initially used Google instruments and data collection audit
  • Proper setup of the Google instruments
  • Data collection plan, implementing ETL process
  • Implementation of the data collection plan
  • Precise data collection and ongoing data quality control
  • Building data pipelines between all used platforms and data sources.
  • Creation of DataStudio reports, utilizing normalized and standardized data
  • More than 15 product reports, >500 data widgets, >40 different KPIs monitored, 6 ad platforms integrated, used by >40 employees.

To be successful, we secured a deep understanding of the bank website’s logic and established close cooperation with KBC Bank Bulgaria marketing team.


  • Мedia cost monitoring
  • Granular information about campaigns’ results
  • Ongoing campaign optimizations
  • Detailed conversions tracking on segment & product level
  • Easy ad hoc data availability for all involved RBB BG team members
  • User-friendly data interpretation and vizualisation


“We are very happy to have ID Digital Consulting over the last 2 years as our partner in building a stronger digital future. Blagovest has proven himself as a reliable, problem – solving oriented and data quality expert that became an integral part of our team”
Borislava Deneva, Head of Communications department, KBC Bank Bulgaria